Dalmore Daytime

Dalmore Daytime
Sandy Beach

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Dalmore Church. Part 3.

The end of worship in Dalmore Church must have have preceeded the removal of its roof,or the congregation attended conventicles within its walls, like the covenanters of previous times who gathered at the Ard Mhor in Garenin. Old maps show the place as "Buaile na Covenanters".In an island with no trees,barring some wind battered willow,aspen and rowan,roof timbers were used,and reused in any new build,and transported miles if moving to another village.Large pieces of timber were a precious commodity since without them you had no roof! Such timbers were mostly acquired as jetsom,from ships,wrecks or large tree trunks from the Carribean or Canada.On seeing a large timber coming towards the beach,the young men would launch themselves into the waves and the first to touch the tree claimed it for his family.And so,in 1858 the long roof beam of Dalmore Church was carried away by men from Tolsta a' Chaolas to use in the roof of the church meeting room they were building there.Years ago I was allowed into this building,and there I saw tangible evidence of the "bad little church" that was Dalmore. It pleased and saddened me to touch this old piece of wood.So this is another historical marker.The main church(Free Church) in Carloway would not be built until September,1884.
Finally,a sad story of an event which is connected to the church! This is further evidence that the forebears of people living today in the area, attended the Dalmore Church. Donnachadh Mac Mhurchadh(Duncan the son Murdo) and his wife were at a service in Dalmore Church when they heard the news of their son Iain's death by drowning in a small loch far out on the moors.This loch is about 2 miles out from Dalmore, and is known as Feath Loch Ghleadhairean, near a small grassy hillock called Tom Liathbhrat,where our family had their summer shieling when we lived in Garenin. This tragedy,we reckoned, occurred about 1845/50.The man in the church (with his wife) was An Turna's grandfather.
Finally,finally - if anyone out there has any information relating to the church at Dalmore(especially its denomination,ministers,founding date),I would be very grateful.

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