Dalmore Daytime

Dalmore Daytime
Sandy Beach

Friday, 22 February 2008

Not Just Any Old Blogger

One would have to agree that the word "blog" is a most unattractive neologism.Some would say "A neologism is an even less attractive word".The computer literate tell me that "blog" is an abbreviation for "weblog".So why did they feel they had to abbreviate "weblog" ? It sounds better - more technical ! Anyhow,as a Johnney come lately to webs and blogs,I am truthfully very grateful to Google and its blog for allowing me to record the history and stories of Dalmore,insofar as they were told to me, or which I researched myself.Much of the material was recorded over many years on various bits of paper or documents were photocopied,especially where names or dates might be lost.Many of the stories were passed on to me by people who were the "seanachean" during my youth,those skilled in retelling tales of the past.I was an eager listener and fortunately my memory was good.I was getting increasingly afraid that the large plastic bag at the bottom of my wardrobe would never see the light of day,and if it did,few would have been able to sort out this very mixed "bag" of notes.I know that I was the only person left who knew the history of Dalmore,and I did not want it to die with me.So God bless the "blog" and God bless my son,Alasdair,for making his dad into a blogger.
Future articles will record my experiences as a boy/youth when I went "home" to Lewis,during my long summer holidays from school in the city (Renfrew was a city to me ! ).

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Shelley said...

Thank you for a glimpse of a place, and a time, far, far away.

I eagerly await more journeys! :)